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He then worked with Matt Dunbar to create a soundscape to capture Castaway. Here it is From a raft race to discovering the oldest battlefield in Britain, National Trust's Northey Island, Essex has much to be discovered and enjoyed. Coastal change has been ever present in the lives of coastal communities, but it presents many new challenges for us today. Fifty years of the Neptune Coastline Campaign has enabled us to buy miles of glorious coastline; securing these special places for all to enjoy.

Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Castaway Due to a combination of issues and tide times, we are not able to run Castaway in As a Castaway you'll be cut off from the world, in a special opportunity to visit Northey Island at high tide and experience this special place as a true island. There will be stalls and activities to enjoy all day on Saturday, with a beer tent and hot food all weekend and live music on Saturday night.

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Neither should any one, who has truly come to Christ, inasmuch as He Himself has said, " Him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out. No one, who is really cast upon Christ, will ever be cast away from Him. This is a divine axiom-a fundamental truth-an eternal reality.

Christ is responsible for every lamb in the flock. Not one of Christ's blood-bought lambs can ever be lost, not one can ever be cast away. They are all as safe as He can make them-as safe as Himself. But what, then, does Paul mean when he says, " Lest I myself should be a castaway? Paul was a servant as well as a son; and he exercised himself, and kept his body in subjection, "lest that by any means he might be disapproved of.

A person may be a child of God, and yet be "disapproved" as a servant of Christ. To he an efficient servant of Christ involves self-denial, self-judgment, self-emptiness, self-control.

I do not become a child of God by these exercises; but, most assuredly, I shall never be a successful servant of Christ without them. This distinction is very plain and very important.

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We are too prone to think, that the question of our personal security is the only one of any moment to us. This is a mistake. God has secured that; and He tells us so, in order that, with free hearts, we may run the race, carry on the warfare, fulfill the service We do not run, fight, or work for life; we have gotten life-eternal life, ere we take a single step in the Christian race, strike a blow in the Christian warfare, or perform a single act of Christian service.

A dead man could not run a race; but a living man must run "lawfully," else he cannot be crowned.

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So, also, in reference to the servant of Christ. He must deny himself; he must keep nature down; he must keep his body in subjection, else he will be disapproved of and set aside, as a servant unfit for the Master's work, a vessel not " meet for the Master's use. He may so act as to be disapproved of as a workman.

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Solemn thought! Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry. Now, John was as truly a child of God, a saved person, a believer in Christ, when Paul rejected him as a co-worker, as when he at first acknowledged him, and finally restored him to confidence. In no case was the question of his personal salvation raised.

It was altogether a matter of fitness for service. It is very evident, that the influence of natural affection had been allowed to act on John's heart, and to unfit him, in Paul's judgment, for that great work which he, as the steward of Christ, was carrying on. If my reader will turn to Judg.

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What was the great question raised with respect to Gideon's company? Was it as to whether a man was an Israelite- a son of Abraham-a circumcised member of the congregation?

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What then? Simply as to whether he was a fit vessel for the service then in hand. And what was it that rendered a man fit for such service? Confidence in God, and self-denial.