A Gathering of Wonders: Behind the Scenes at The American Museum of Natural History

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April 4, - Published on Amazon. This book has an untelled histories about the national pastime. From the first spring camps in the early 's to the best stars of the 50's. But the treasure of this book is the unherald players, their clown moments, their dresses, and things that he usually made in the warmups or in the trainings. Pretty awesome. February 25, - Published on Amazon. Wonderful book and contains a picture of my uncle. August 21, - Published on Amazon. I rank this book five stars as I did for the author's companion volume mainly for the photographs.

It is interesting to take note of the way fans dressed at ball games suits, ties, and bowler hats. I also found it interesting to see photographs of players not in uniform from my initial decade of baseball interest, the s.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum

I would like to point out three dates the method in which the pages are listed. June 14th shows three fans, two of which are a young girl and boy with pop bottles about seven years of age expressing their displeasure at an umpire's call.

October 27th shows Leo Durocher's son giving The Lip a kiss. Somewhat below the center of the photo is a boy wearing a catcher's chest protector with a bent elbow extending his middle finger on his right hand. The book provides a good mixture of photographs from each decade from the beginning of the 20th century through the s. A few of them I have seen in other books, but for the most part, the photographs are new to me.

This is a very worth while photographic book on baseball history. The interviews felt very realistic. However, I felt that some of them were lacking visuals that will help to tie all this information into a story line. A lot of the interaction in the show used touch screens and I felt that I am missing pressing buttons or something more tangible. One of the videos was playing over and over in wich the curator acted as if he just noticed an invisible new guest. I thought it would have been better to use a proximity sensor, for example, in order to create a more engaging experience.

In addition, the acoustics in the space was very poor. The sound of the videos disrupted each other what mad it very hard to concentrate on the other videos and even to read the captions. I was following a father and his son who was about 6 years old. His mother was also around but the main interaction was between the child and his father. I first noticed them when the father asked his son if he knows what is the difference between crocodiles and alligators, I was curious to know.

His voice had a reading intonation so I know where to go if I wanted to know the answer to that question. The family members were mostly quite and from time to time the father would read to his son from the posters. I arrived at a display that was very similar to the reconstructed windows in the permanent exhibition — Akeley Hall of African Mammals. At first, I did not understand why there is water inside of the exhibition box.

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I thought it was clever to do so in order to make it look more realistic. Apparently, the exhibition included LIVE crocodiles and alligators. It was so still did not show any breath signs that it was almost hard to believe. I immediately asked myself why? The baby alligators that one of them can be seen in the following image were more mobile but still I did not see an advantage for keeping them ther except of the excitement and rush that I personally felt by being so close to such a massive and amazing animal.

After talking with the Crocs woman I felt like there is no real substitute for a human interaction.

In the videos a list of questions, that I could choose from, topics that might interest me to know the answer for but did not evoke a lot of curiosity. However, when I had the opportunity to truly communicate with a real person, the questions just kept accumulated in my mind. It enabled an open discussion. After talking to me I heard the instructor talking with the family members that I saw earlier and she shared with them her knowledge about the Crocodiles and alligators.

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I saw that other visitors also reached to her and came back a few times in order to ask her to elaborate and to have a conversation regarding the exhibition. The glass cages were decorating with the following phrase which unavoidably created the opposite effect. The women whom I talked with before, scold children who taped in order to get some attention from the beautiful tenants of the exhibition. I was amazed by the back rooms of the museum it was so different from what the visitors are exposed to.

The part in which the researchers were working reminded me a lot of the labs at the biology department that I used to spend most of my time during my studies. Where the people who are accounted on the exhibitions worked looked a lot like a storage space.

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However, the shop area was very exciting, we got really exposed to their working process from the ideation, building a model until seeing the process of sculpting and creating the final pieces that will star at the exhibition. Towards the end of our tour, I run into these abandoned figures which I found very intriguing. I saw it as an unintentional statement of who is the museum expects to be its audience. I hold a strange expectation that raised by the movie Night at the Museum and I am sorry to say that I was disappointed for the first two trips there.

But this time, it was different. It was very interesting when the specialist sorry I forgot his name said that the preservation method evolves through out the years, just like many of its collected ones. But this realization made me feel like this museum is more akin to the Jurassic World than the Night at the Museum. It was a convoluted process that took over 3 years and was cherry picked from over brainstormed ideas.

The Real Exhibits Behind the Night At the Museum Movies

This museum held a countable number of shows each year and they did put a lot effort to make each and every counts. However, here is the criticism I have about the shows they host. I had enough time to view three of and I felt sorry to left Asian crocs behind. Among the 3 of them, Dark Universe is the projected universe visualization projected on the gigantic semi-dome of the planetarium.

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It was directed by Carter Emmart and narrated by Neil deGrass Tyson about the dark matters in the universe. I knew something about the technology behind the scene and I think it was truly remarkable. The knowledge is fascinating. But, if I would say one thing lacking here, it would be that the sense of fascination of looking at the stars are missing here. But it fail a bit boring for people who had little exposure of astronomy.

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I wish there are more portions of it that we could just look at the sky and slowly drift in space, and enjoy a moment of silence and wonder and drag that moment for one more bit. The polar bear is an IMAX movie. I liked it.

Still it felt a bit strange when I bought a show in the museum and instead got a movie. The third show, Dino Among Us, was the most disappointing one. Why, you might ask. One might question what could go wrong with dinosaur? This show tried to illustrate the evolution of dinosaur by associating it with birds.

Talon, Egg, feathers. But birds are not dinosaurs and it felt so strange when we saw so many birds in the collections. I guess it made sense if they made a huge revelation in the end of the exhibition showing that birds are truly dino among us. I felt cheated, in the name of science. The knowledge was shuffled down. The answer was shown to me without the question. The exhibition hall is filled with fascinating information on Congress and the history of the Capitol. You can also partake in a guided tour of the Halls of the Senate, Monday - Friday at 11 a.

You will be able to see new exhibits, take in riveting stories and hear live music at each museum. Located just outside of DC in Potomac, Md. Post-World War II art fills marvelously designed indoor and outdoor spaces on a plus acre plot that also features paths, trails, streams and meadows.

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Glenstone is open from Thursday — Sunday from 10 a. Make sure to book yours before you go. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the preservation of art in the Lunder Conservation Center.