Divorce is Self-Defeat

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Acceptance of this radical idea has the potential to drastically reduce divorce, as we know it, and provide a cure for many of the ills associated with divorce. Rather than honestly lobbying for this controversial contract to be considered legally I realize that it is a logistical nightmare that could cause traumatic instability for children involved, etc. This is not always something we all think about when we sign-up for the gig.

I think if you make the decision to get married in the first place you should be totally sure its what you want. If more people did that divorce wouldn't happen as often. The spell worked like magic with the way and manner my husband change and started showing love instead of the divorce he was planning.


I would gladly recommend the use of spell to any one going through marriage problems and want to put an end to it. This is a good article of which a lot of it has merit. It is as you say a controversial concept but for me a sensible one. Paradoxical, perhaps but honest.

Focusing on Depression

I have been singing the same song for many years. It makes perfect, logical sense. One has to seperate emotion from logic - and marriage is no exception to this. Would you buy it - of course not!

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People get married for so many of the wrong reasons - insecurity being top of the list. Marriage does not make a relationship easier - it makes it harder - much harder. If you put handcuffs on someone they want to break free - if you have a broken leg you dream of running in your sleep. The marriage experience creates a sub consicous sense of entrapment - and those within its walls will want to be free as soon as the clouds on the horizon first appear. This is REAL!!!

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Why Are We Self-Destructive? (+ My Experience)

Within the pages of this book,Defeating Loneliness, readers will discover not only the root causesof loneliness but they will be introduced to strategies designed toextricate Divorce and Remarriage. Are you contemplating divorce? If you divorce would you remarry?

This book reveals the biblical This book reveals the biblical authority on divorce and remarriage and clarifies key words like fornication and adultery. It examines the marriage covenant set forth by God and the divorce Divorced, Now What? Divorced, Now Divorced Parent. Divorced Parent is a book written by a person who has been dealing with divorce Divorced Parent is a book written by a person who has been dealing with divorce and its aftermath for nine years. His own experiences, as well as those of a dear friend, have fueled his desire to publish this book.

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For those even thinking about divorce, this book is a must read. In it's short Brent C. Straight talk from I dodivorce. The healing process is different for everyone. Grief is a natural reaction to loss, and divorce involves multiple losses. Loss of companionship and shared experiences, loss of support, be it financial, intellectual, social or emotional, and loss of hopes, plans and dreams.

There are five basic emotional stages that you will encounter during a divorce.

Stolen Child

These are very similar to the five stages of grief and you will need to go through them if you want to heal. Five emotional stages 1. Denial Denial is the initial period of not accepting the reality of the divorce. It is a natural defense that allows you enough time to admit what is happening. Things will feel unreal during this initial phase.

You may think that it is a bluff or some kind of misunderstanding, and you will simply not believe what is happening. Do not get stuck in this phase forever. Anger Once reality sets in, emotions start to boil. You may feel angry about being let down.

Keep your self-worth afloat and come out stronger on the other side

You have been hurt in a way that you could not imagine. Finding an acceptable way to express your anger is a fundamental part of the healing process. Anger is normal in a divorce. What you do with your anger is the key. Remember, if you have children, you are their role model; they will emulate what they see you doing.

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Anger manifests in different ways: short-lived rage, simmering resentment, prolonged bitterness. Your anger might not be directed at your spouse, but at yourself or others involved in the divorce process. Anger can be self-destructive and self-defeating, and it may be hard to think clearly in this stage. Being able to let go of the anger will help you to heal. Bargaining Once the anger fades, it is replaced with a phase of extreme insecurity and panic.

Bargaining is the period of wanting to fix things that are beyond your control. It is rethinking your decision to divorce.

17 Habits of the Self-Destructive Person (+ How to Stop)

You might feel guilt for what has happened and blame yourself. Depression Depression occurs when the reality of the divorce and the associated loss sets in. You may question your ability to deal with your sadness and turn to unhealthy coping devices to ease your pain; overeating, not sleeping, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. Acceptance Acceptance is the final stage. Change is no longer a threat; it may even be welcome. Depending on your circumstances, you might be more accepting of your new situation and more optimistic about your future.

In any case, you have lived through and survived a difficult time. It has passed and life goes on. Feeling the feelings You and your spouse may be in different emotional stages at different times, or you may experience the stages in a different order.