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I have the enormous privilege of telling the truth on TV.

Keep hitting certain points. Be careful not to offend anyone. The television business is filled with people who are to one degree to another, frightened. I never really cared about that. I was in very short order, not making television. My hero is David Simon, who he has a certain period of time in mind to tell a story and he tells a story… I was given a character and a story arc, and I worked on that story arc… Basically from the end of [ Treme ] season one on, if it had anything to do with the chef or chefs or food, I was either contributing or writing.

When [Simon] first called up, I nearly soiled myself with excitement. Just say yes. It was like that. It was just really, really fun and easy and thrilling and I was very, very, very, very, very proud to do it. And everyone who worked on that show is not only great to work with and really, really smart, but really nice.

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Everyone David Simon surrounds himself with, it seems, from producers, writers, actors The kids are great. Tony was reading the books and everything, but going through the exam online was a pain in the butt. Well, he passed because my daughter did it for him. He was an excellent scuba diver. Very calm. You could see that he was very bold. I think under the water he found, always, a lot of peace. No photos, no cameras, no selfies, no people asking him questions.

He was just one more guy watching life going by. And that's why he liked scuba so much. Quint: It was at a rental house out in the Hamptons, and it was the first time I'd ever spent a night with him or anything like that.

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Their daughter [Ariane] at that time was probably 5. She came and tapped on Ottavia's arm and whispered to her, and Ottavia said, "Oh, she's going to do her song. Just watch. Ottavia took her phone and cued up "Call Me Maybe," and Ariane came out from behind the wall and lip-synched and acted the whole thing out.

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Picking up a phone and fake calling into a phone, and it was just the most fuckin' adorable thing I'd ever seen. I remember looking over at Tony, and he just stared at her with this look on his face like, just he was seeing perfection and couldn't believe it had come out of him, you know? It's exactly what you want to see in a parent's eyes when they look at their kid. I sometimes didn't like Tony, but I always loved Tony, and there was a lot to love when I saw that look come out at her. Homme: I was saying to him, "I want my daughter to do martial arts and learn to play piano.

Not to push—to help someone be who they already are and to help someone search hard enough to find who they could be.

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Hamilton: That's the thing about friendship with Tony. Tony lavishes you with love and friendship and generosity and kindness, and then he disappears in the night and you don't get to reciprocate. It wasn't mutual. But it was breathtaking to be loved by him. Friends also recognized that life wasn't always easy for Bourdain, and that he had his own demons and struggled with the burden of his fame.

Thornburgh: He wasn't out there kicking his heels all the time and saying, "I'm rich and famous. Andrew Zimmern TV host : We're shooting promos, standing around, both drinking coffees, smoking a cigarette, waiting for the cameras to get set up. And he looks at me, and he says, "Television is such a vile mistress. It's like a knife. It's a very small edge, a very thin edge, but you have to be careful because you can cut yourself and you'll never know what side of the knife's blade you're going to end up on.

Tenaglia: Chris and I had dinner with him three weeks before he died. We had a really great meal together. I remember he had a big piece of steak, a big fat slice of cheesecake at the end of it. I'm just very, very thankful that we had that moment with him. Because three weeks later, to the day, he was gone. Ripert declined to discuss Bourdain's final days for this story. Actor and director Asia Argento, with whom Bourdain was involved at the time of his death, politely declined to participate altogether. The wounds remain fresh and deep, but those closest to Bourdain appear to have absorbed an awful lot from him about how life ought to be lived.

Quint: I heard my phone going off in the middle of the night, and it was a text from Ottavia saying, "He's killed himself, and I wanted you to know before the news came out.

Crossfire: A debate on Reservations for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

The whole morning, I was sitting head down, making sure I didn't look at the TV. It's just so fuckin' lousy. It feels like you're speeding into a black hole. Tenaglia: I don't think it was a shock that one day we would get a call. It was like, "Okay. Tenaglia: But we didn't expect that call. It's like someone's just hit you with a giant fucking frying pan. John Birdsall writer : He didn't speak as if he had power, which was the great thing. I stopped in this little village, exactly the kind of place where Tony and I would have stopped on the way.

I heard my phone ding, with news, and I learned from the A. It could not have been a better place, and it could not have been a worse place. It was exactly the place we would have been together.

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And so it was eerie. And all the survivors say the exact same thing, that as soon as their fingers left that bridge, they were like, Stop, wait, if I could just take that back …. I think with two more seconds, it wouldn't be this way. Quint: That day, Ariane said to me something like, "Is this something that people outside of New York are gonna know about? All around the world, people are sad about this. He changed lives around the world.

Stolen Child

Bourdain: I have in my possession the notes that people put up on Les Halles. I have them at the house. There was one woman who drove up from fucking Tennessee. Some dude took the back of an envelope to find some blank white space to write on, and he stuck it onto the glass at Les Halles with a Band-Aid. He wrote this personal, heartfelt little thing and then stuck it on with a fucking Band-Aid.

The event comes just over a year after Bourdain took his own life at the age of 61 while filming his TV show, " Parts Unknown ," in France. The Renaissance man also wrote more than a dozen books on travel and food, such as " Kitchen Confidential " and " Medium Raw. In short, he accomplished a lot before he died, and his legions of fans are proof of it. To commemorate the chef, we took a look back at some of his wittiest and most inspiring words of wisdom, both on TV and in print. There were a lot to choose from.

On season two, episode four, of his travelogue " Parts Unknown ," Bourdain visited Copenhagen, Denmark. Bourdain said this quote while sampling Danish organic hot dogs.

In his early days as a literary personality, Bourdain wrote an article on the truth about New York restaurants, which appeared in an April issue of The New Yorker. One of his secrets was that the culinary connoisseurs who prefer their steak well-done get a cut destined for the back-alley dumpster. Chefs have the choice of giving the least appetizing steaks to their floor staff, throwing them out, or giving them to taste-blind customers.

If the chef is feeling generous, he tells his staff, "save for well-done. In the same article , which is filled with one-liners, Bourdain takes down the Brunch crowd. Bourdain doesn't mince words when it comes to vegetarians. His philosophy was all about eating anything and everything, as long as it was good.

As he notes in the article's intro, "Good food, good eating, is all about blood and organs, cruelty and decay. Bourdain was not a fan of speed-tourism, of trying to cram in as many sights and cities as a one-week vacation would allow. In an interview with Money , Bourdain said he liked to take his sight-seeing slowly, one city at a time. In the same interview , Bourdain explained how he liked to go about choosing a dish in a new locale.

During his first trip to Tokyo, for example, he found a tiny eatery full of locals, pointed to a bowl of noodles at the table next to his, and asked for it.