Mighty Men of Valor: With Charlie Company on Hill 714-Vietnam, 1970

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Many books I have read on VN try so hard to put the feelings of going through battle into words that they somehow tend to become "hollow" or contrived or overblown. Reading this book I easily made the leap, from events to feelings. For other infantry veterans I expect it would be just as easy.

For those who have no first hand experience, I suspect it may be harder to read this account and get the gut feelings. However, I think a slow and thoughtful reading of what John has provided can transport a reader into the mountain jungles of VN and let them feel fear, anxiety, camaraderie, the fragileness of our bodies, closeness of death, the elation of surviving, the pride of overcoming, the guilt of surviving, the humbling of overcoming and the strength of our spirit.

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Charlie Company is Bloodied and Trapped in the Jungle of Vietnam

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