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Moon-Crossed Lovers: I Wish I Were the Moon

Go to Link Unlink Change. Cancel Create Link. Disable this feature for this session. Rows: Columns:. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Characters Dr. Hunter and wolf, a dangerous combination inciting war between factions, action from the council and the biggest risk of all, Claire fulfilling her duty and being the hunter that kills Cole.

Will Claire find the cure?

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Or will their love end in tragedy? Help Centre.

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Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Immortal Born Argeneau : Book Skylar doesn't even really do anything about it. She just lets them walk all over her and control her. Ok, she does run away twice but ends up still in their control so it was pointless and afterwards she didn't fight them at all.

They only did it because they didn't want Demetrius to have her, and ok, they LET her live, but they did think about killing her and at the end Ethan sorta did. Fine, she came back to life, but there was a chance she wouldn't! I know, weird. Even though she was kinda evil, she was WAY more interesting than Skylar.

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I liked that she was one of the most powerful people in the pack and that she was a woman, but what I noticed was that her fighting was always described as 'elegant' while all the males were rougher. There's nothing wrong with this exactly, but it was sorta annoying. It's like the author s were making it seem like girls can't fight rough.

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I mean, what's up with that? JOSH- Sometimes-nice-sometimes-not and slightly power hungry younger brother. I didn't GET him. One second he's being really nice to Skylar and flirting with her, and the next he's pressuring her into doing magic. Honestly, author s , make your mind s up! Is Josh good or bad?

He can't be both! That's all I have to say. There were some things I liked about the book, like Honestly, I don't care if you read the book or not. I don't even know why I bothered writing a review, but you know people, sometimes you do unexpected things. Like wasting 20 minutes writing a review for a book you didn't even really enjoy. What can I say, I'm weird.

PS My language was so weird in this. I'm British! I'm reading too many American books No offense America Aug 14, Julie rated it it was amazing. Five amazeballs stars! First I really enjoy the Sky Brooks series and I couldn't wait to read this book.

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I hoped I would like it but I didn't expect to love it. I don't always enjoy books rewritten in another characters perspective. But this worked. If anything, I liked it more. This is nothing against McKenzie Hunter and her writing. The first book is great the way it is.

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It's the way its supposed to be. Sky still makes dumb choice after dumb choice, that doesn't change, but we dont have to list Five amazeballs stars!

Sky still makes dumb choice after dumb choice, that doesn't change, but we dont have to listen to her rationalize it all. Here we hear everything from Ethan's side. I haven't liked him much throughout the series. He's the strong handsome hero. But he's also an arrogant ass too.

Moon crossed emerson knight vk

This book I think humanizes him more. I understand him better and actually kinda like him. To someone who hasn't read the series, I dont think this is where to start. I would start read the series first then this one. While nothing "new" happened here, I'm not sure it would be entirely clear to someone unversed in the world.

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This is labeled as book 1. I look forward to more books in the future. Feb 24, Emma rated it did not like it. I think the author could have easily incorporated the small amount of new information presented into the original book, which would have added some depth to Ethan's character from the start. Aug 23, Dakota rated it it was amazing. Whelp he is but I really love seeing his take and struggles and why he chose what he did.

Boy oh boy did he have some issues in This books.

Moon Crossed by Bella Roccaforte

One problem after another had them jumping through hoops and fixing issues left and right. The pacing was great and I really felt like I connected with Ethan on a different level than he was seen in the other series. Great book , hope there is more to come. Sep 29, Tracy Carroll rated it it was amazing. I loved Ethan's PoV It's not often readers get a chance to read a book from another characters point of view, especially when that character is one of the main characters.

I liked the way this book was done. It followed Skylar's books exactly, but from Ethan's point of view so I always knew what was going on and now we got the chance to read his thoughts. Thank you for allowing us the chance to read the same story, but from another perspective. It also made Ethan more likeable. Jun 10, Sherry rated it really liked it. Two separately wonderful same stories I wasn't sure how I would like reading this from Ethan 's point of view, especially right after reading Skylar's, but I really enjoyed it!

It's like getting a behind the scenes look at it. Even though parts of the story are the same I never got that "I've read this before" feeling. So, great job authors for two separately wonderful same stories. Sep 06, Christina Smurawa rated it it was amazing. I loved it Reading this story from Ethan's point of view gives you a different insight to the characters. This book certainly changed my mind. The most astonishing thing to me was how engaged in was in this book because I already knew the outcome and events because of Moon Tortured.

Great job Emerson Knight.