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The complete series list for - Promises Sarah McCarty. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, Promises Linger.

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Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty. By its very nature, a short story is instantly gratifying. A great short story, however, lingers on.

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It reaches into the inner recesses of your mind. When Stephen Collins says to Kathleen Quinlan, "I made a promise," you'll know why I consider this one of the great romantic movies of all time. The meaning of true love This is one of the best true love stories I have ever seen. It is one of my favorites.

The plot summary is much more than what the fellow above wrote. It is very rare, very precious and it should be valued and not taken for granted. The plot synopsis is this: the boy comes from a very wealthy influential family with a very dominering mother who forbids her son from marrying the girl who doesn't have 2 cents to rub together but is a struggling artist trying to make it. The boy trying to break free from the tight grip his mother has on him wisks the girl away and plan to elope. On the way to a chapel tragedy strikes and they are involved in a horrible car accident.

Both are taken to the hospital, the boy is injured and the girl's face is terrible disfigured. While they lie in their hospital beds in different rooms, his mother decides to pay the girl a visit. His mother expresses how sorry she is that this has happened to her and offers the girl a chance to have reconstructive surgery, all paid for by her with all of the necessary therapy needed physically and emotionally.

While this sounds to good to be true, the catch is, if she agrees to have this done she must promise to NEVER see her son again. The devious and controlling mother continues by saying, if she doesn't have the surgery done her son wouldn't want her anyway with her grotesque face. At least this way, her son can move on and have a life and she too can move on and have a life.

With a heavy heart, the girl agrees to his mothers terms. I don't want to ruin the rest of the film so I won't say anymore. For those of you who might not believe in love, this movie might change your mind. It is worth seeing. Promise not to laugh Poseidon-3 2 May In the beginning, Collins and Quinlan go through all the 's gum-commercial moments to show us that they are "in love", culminating in their burial of a carnival necklace to signify their love and spouting some of the most ludicrous dialogue ever written.

Smeared with tan pancake make-up, wearing a wig that Marlo Thomas vetoed on "That Girl", donned with eye and nose prosthetics that give her a homely appearance and speaking in a whiny, annoying voice, she is anything but what one would imagine as a dream lover. But that's not all!

They also outfitted her with false buck teeth which leave her unable to fully close her lips, so many of her words come out jangled and unintelligible. For example, when confronted by Collins with the prospect of marriage, she replies, "I don't need a feece of fafer From this point on, not one logical thing happens and the story takes on such an orchestra of contrivances that it becomes science fiction. Collins' gorgon of a mother who viewers know is evil because she smokes cigarettes constantly through a plastic holder pays to have Quinlan's face put back on, but only if she'll stay away from Collins.

The mother played by Straight doesn't want a love affair with gasp an orphan to mess with her plans for Collins' career. So she tells Collins that Quinlan is dead. He apparently takes her word for it without ever once looking into it or even trying to see if there's a grave! A complete set of wild contrivances finally reunite the long lost couple You see, she is now the "normal" Quinlan replete with trendy new duds and full on glamour make-up, so he has no clue it's the chipmunk who was in the car crash with him.

And she is quite lovely. She is showcased in a wide variety of hairstyles and outfits. It all keeps spiralling until they wind up back at the carnival necklace Astonishingly, this film, crazy and as bad as it is, still can manage to draw tears during that final scene from those who have gone along for the insane!

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Collins gives a very heartfelt performance in it however, Quinlan remains strangely stoic, which hurts the final clinch. This movie is clearly inspired by such classic tear-jerkers as "Madame X" and "An Affair to Remember" and cribs from both of them. However, by , that type of storytelling had lost all sense of reality It should have been a period piece.

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Amazingly, the director Cates had previously given audiences the stark and grim "I Never Sang For My Father" before offering up this hoot. Fans of soapy dramas who don't require much reality will love it. Fans of campy, unintentional humor will also eat it up. The only person who will likely hate it is any straight man. He will probably be off the couch and out the door before Melissa Manchester finishes howling the title song! Still a great Chick Flick!!!

I remember watching the Promise when we first got cable and it was on a movie channel in about I was 22 at the time and had a year old daughter, I just loved the film and thought it was a great story. A few years back I bought the tape, I forget if I found it at a store or on the internet but anyway I watched it again and after so many years I still enjoyed it, my daughter who was so young when I first watched the movie is now a young woman herself and she watched the film and said she really liked it, so it might be a bit sappy and outdated but the story is still great and even relatable, the man's Mother anyway, I think it's a film that has stood the test of time and it will always be one of my favorites.

I saw this movie when I was twelve. I've seen the movie several times. Its one of my favorite romantic drama. The story is so enchanting. There maybe some holes in the plot, but still gripping. She makes the transformation of the ugly duckling to a beautiful woman so authentic. And Stephen Collins was great too. They really look good together. The story isn't really unique, but it's the assemblage of players that makes it work so well.

It's a love story, a story of deceit and a story of revenge, of sorts, that relies on more than one promise. The beginning is a montage that shows the viewer the uncomplicated, yet intense, love between two young college students. Enter the complication, a near-fatal car crash. Then, enter mother.