Something Was There . . .: Asham Award-Winning Ghost Stories

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What makes a good ghost story?

Non-Fiction Writing Competitions

Sarah Waters, for whom Ghost and Gothic have become something of a trademark, says she will be looking for a story that clearly belongs to the ghost story genre, yet manages to bring something new to it too. A ghost story for the twenty-first century? I want to be spooked! Polly Samson says she will be looking for characters "that haunt me long after I finish reading. Lennie Goodings, who will be publishing the anthology, wants to be "genuinely surprised, thrilled, disturbed, frightened, creeped or even, I suppose, struck with the humour and absurdity of it.

Thanks for the link and the advice here - hmmm. I love reading ghost stories - the best ones do disturb especially on second reading - and it's certainly a skill that I wish I could say I have! Good luck to anyone entering!! Take care x. Thats an interesting one, Niamh, stories that sound good on second reading, well, thats me ruled out. Seems to be a lot of ghouls this weekend, with the Magpie theme, the Bram Stoker award and now this, strange things afoot!

Great picture, you are very brave to show a photo of yourself in your nightie!! Brigid Rule you out? Oh no it doesnt! Your recent magpie was definatly on the theme And gosh I didnt think anyone would recognise me in the photo!

It was one of those nights! Oooo, I bet there will be plenty of creepy entries. In one manuscript I wrote entertaining ghosts, but even the ones who were scary weren't very frightening. I'll have to think about this one.

Miss de Mannering of Asham by F M Mayor: A Short Story of Love, Betrayal and Haunting

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Short Story of the Month | ‘Let Her Go’ by Maggie Ling | Seren Books Blog

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I received my most wanted books. My friends are so angry because they don't know how I have all this high quality ebooks. And I still keep silent haha The latest stunning collection of short stories, including the winning entry of the Asham Short Stories Award, which was set up to encourage and promote new writing. It is the only short story competition whose winners and runners-up are published alongside some of our best known women writers. Dogs Hanging Out Of Windows.