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We travel beyond body and the rules of physical reality, and journey into other dimensions, including realms where departed souls reside. These journeys are not only fascinating, they can transform our relationship with life, free us from fear of death, and allow us to build an expanded skillset for accessing guidance and healing from the Other Side to better our lives on this side. The exciting news is no , we can establish a direct connection with the Other Side right now.

However, the deep truth of this statement cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. Shamans are the original scientists of the afterlife, the once and future masters of this field. They have experiential knowledge of what lies beyond the gates of death and can return intentionally through those gates to communicate with spirits, guide and retrieve souls, and further their understanding of the geography of non-ordinary reality.

We naturally communicate with the departed in our dreams, which is for many dreamers direct and life-changing evidence of the reality of the soul and its survival of physical death. As Robert shares, our dead are often with us, staying close to earth because they may be lost or confused or clinging to familiar people,environments, old habits or addictions. They may be in urgent need of our help to assist them in moving on. Or, they may be lingering to deal with unresolved issues — perhaps wanting to make amends for mistakes or regrets, which they now recognize with greater clarity.

Robert, who survived multiple near-death experiences in childhood, wrote about two of those profound journeys in this passage:. I was pronounced dead in hospitals twice as a boy, at age three and at age nine. The gift of these experiences was the knowledge that there are real worlds beyond the physical world, and that consciousness survives the body. In midlife, I went through a crisis of shamanic death and rebirth that set me on my path as a dream teacher. I feel I know enough of death and conditions on the Other Side to help others gain firsthand experience of the greater reality without the extremity of a near-death experience.

An ancient high tradition involved the practice of journeying beyond the gates of death, not merely to be well prepared for the afterlife, but for initiation. For millennia and across cultures, those attuned to this deeper reality cultivated and prized the ability to travel beyond death — the heart of initiation in shamanic cultures.

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So how do you journey to the Other Side and open to a life — on this side — lived with more clarity, courage and superabundant energy? The secrets to unlocking these potentials are best revealed by a master guide. Like a wise elder, Robert can show you how to utilize the time-tested principles and practices of shamanic dream journeying and using states of the imagination to access the afterlife for seeking guidance and healing — for yourself as well as others who are either still living or have already passed. Robert also has an uncanny way of helping you shift your core beliefs and self-conceptions to see the bigger story of your life.

And he uses story as a teaching tool — one of the most enjoyable aspects of his teaching, according to his students. Robert was initiated early into the life of a modern-day shaman with his near-death experiences as a child, which provided him with early experiences in other realms.

Some of his capacities also derive from his early learnings from native aborigines in his native Australia. His dozen books on dreaming, shamanism and imagination have been heralded as essential reading for those on this path. There are parts of what it most concerns you to know which I cannot describe to you; you must come with me and see for yourselves. The vision is for the one who will see it. This principle perfectly describes the way Robert teaches.

He opens doorways to direct experience of the sacred and other realms, and to ways in which we can see and remember who we truly are, where we came from and what our greatest purpose is — both in this life and beyond.

We begin by discussing where we must go for reliable evidence of life after death. We will survey the rich world literature of ecstatic journeys and near-death experiences. We will discover that the human belief that consciousness survives the body — and the architecture of heavens and hells and other collective situations in the afterlife — is founded on shamanic experience and personal dreams, in which the departed come calling or the dreamer travels beyond the body.

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In fact, the distance is no physical distance at all. On a cellular level, we carry the collective memory of all our ancestors. To know this requires only the act of remembering. On a psychic level, we are constantly connected to the energies of both the departed and the living. To see this requires only a shift in perception.

We call in spiritual guidance and protection and embark on a journey to the Other Side for helpful and timely communication with someone who resides there. This may be a departed friend or loved one who has appeared to you in a dream, or an ancestor from further back. You may choose to use a personal dream as the portal for the journey. Freeing key passages from medieval history of theology, while still stirred by the poetry, we will follow the journey of the soul, aided by dreams and an ancestral guide, through the gate of Purgatory and on to the encounter with the beloved of the soul.

You only gain admission when you knock on your heart. At the end of this extraordinary journey, Robert will share a new mantra for ascent from the heart center to the beloved of the soul, given to him in a recent vision. The close encounter with Death brings courage, which Rollo May rightly identified in The Courage to Create as the heart of the creative endeavor. It encourages the ability to go beyond the surface vicissitudes of daily life.

It brings keen awareness of a larger reality. The deceased may need help and guidance from us — because they have unfinished business, or are lost, confused or crippled by guilt, or unable to detach from old environments and addictions. We are going to make careful exploration of the first transitions on the Other Side, as experienced by many who make the crossing. We are going to follow the trail of previous travelers, while opening to fresh experiences and to growing new dreams of possibility.

There is a people in the South Pacific who maintain that there are as many afterlife locales as there are human imaginations. This may be entirely correct, yet because many are lacking in imagination, they may settle in collective belief territories or confine themselves to very limited environments.

10 Signs You’re a Shaman & Don’t Know It

Are you ready for even wilder adventures? Are you willing to follow the path of moonlight on water, into the realm of Luna? It is also the space to which spirits ascend, after cleansing and preparation. They may continue to reside here for a long time, watching over the Earth, entertaining Earth travelers, and producing dreams they will send to those on the lower plane. It is in this realm that the astral body is left behind when a soul ascends to higher levels. Interesting deities and angelic beings, both male and female, have been awarded patronage of what happens in the realm of Luna.

Get ready for a thrilling ride!

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The space we enter after death and the space we are in before birth are closely related. We come from the dream world into the physical world at the moment of birth. But few of us are born with clear memories of where we were before, and those of us who remember will have to withstand not only the trauma of the birth canal but the amnesiac influences of most of those around us.

There is a Plains Indian saying that the path of the soul after death is the same as the path of the soul in dreams. This is why dreaming is the best preparation for dying. We can apply the techniques of Active Dreaming to help others approach death with courage and grace, and enjoy the years they have left on this side more richly. Simply by encouraging others to remember dreams and open to the dream adventure, we can help prepare them for the big journey beyond this life, since dreams take us beyond the ordinary world and prepare us for life in other dimensions.

What is Soul?

Now you have been to the astral realm of Luna, and revisited a place where you chose your present life experience, you are ready to rise to a more spacious view of the place of your soul in the multiverse. You can travel into the life experiences of personalities in other time periods — past, future or parallel — who are part of your soul family. Choices that each of you makes impact the others, since in the larger scheme of things, your lives are being lived simultaneously. You may find yourself able to slip in and out of those other life experiences and also to rise to the perspective of a Higher Self able to see the secret logic of events and change the patterns.

You have been doing some of this in your dreams for a very long time, even if you were completely unconscious of it until now. In his classic work Life After Life , Dr. Raymond Moody gave us the term "near-death experience" and reports gathered from hundreds of NDE experiencers strongly suggesting that consciousness survives the death of the body. At the time, these were reports from the front; the young medical doctor embarking on a career in psychiatry was sure to be assailed by reductionists who did not believe that medicine should address the soul.

By giving us a key phrase, a model for understanding, and a pragmatic method of assembling state-specific data, Dr. Moody encouraged many thousands to come forward with their own NDE accounts, and serious study of the phenomenon by researchers and institutions all over the world map. His quest continues and he writes about his odyssey — including a personal NDE in — with candor and humor in his recent memoir Paranormal. Raymond Moody , MD, PhD, is a psychologist, physician and philosopher who pioneered the study of the near-death experience, a term he coined and made household language through his classic work Life After Life , first published in and a perennial bestseller.

He has published a dozen books since, including a personal memoir, Paranormal. He received the World Humanitarian Award in Denmark in These powerful meditations will help you to connect strongly, on any day, with the powers of earth and sky.

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